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Breeze formed in 2000 after members met at the Academy of Contemporary Music.
Shortly after graduating, their professional career began by earning a residency in a Beatles theme bar called “Lennon's bar”. The band fit the bill perfectly playing a variety of songs from different influences and was the case for next 3 years!

It didn't stop there! ...Before they knew it Breeze had reached the dizzy heights of the Pyrenees Mountains where after much interest and much deliberation their loyalties were given to "The Aspen Bar" in Soldeu, Andorra. In the coming years Breeze would see their performances become the catalyst for record takings in the bar and while playing to a wider international audience on a nightly basis, by day they enjoyed the outdoor life becoming accomplished snowboarders and skiers. As fun as this all sounds, this relaxed lifestyle gave the ideal opportunity for Breeze to hone their musical skills both individually and as a group and their togetherness was fast becoming unrivalled on home and foreign soil alike.

Breeze would go from "Lennon's Bar" in the summer to "The Aspen" in the winter for over 4 years, performing almost every night, sometimes twice a day - this could possibly be a world record!

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Neill: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

Jamie - Breeze

Jamie: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals


Steve: Drums, Vocals

Richard - Breeze Band

Richard: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals

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